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This unique arch support provides instant relief for tired, achy feet, heel pain, and the lower back pain caused by poor arch support. Originally developed for dancers and athletes, FABS are the only arch support you can wear with sandals or even when barefoot! FABS’ compression bands and shock-absorbent pads provide foot comfort like you’ve never felt before!
A real endorsement from a Instant Arch Supports customer:
From Alina,
"I feel compelled to mention that the FABS did a miracle to my sore arches, the pain that had been for two years is gone and I could not be happier. Finally I can walk barefoot again and enjoy every step pain free. I had my husband wearing them and they helped him too."


Dr. Roth’s Footcare Products™ includes soft arch supports to wear when BAREFOOT in the gym. Can be worn with sandals/shoes. Created for ballet dancers, endorsed by gymnasts. Ideal for people who wear orthotics, or have flat feet, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs.
Helping solve foot care problems
Instant Arch Supports
helping solve foot care problems
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A Letter From Dr. Roth:
I developed Dr. Roth's Footcare Products™ for people like you who are looking for safe, easy, and effective ways to improve their foot problems. After more than fifteen years as a practicing podiatrist in Newport Beach, California, I developed these products to help treat my patients' problems more safely and effectively than the treatments that were already available. My extensive podiatric training and three-year residency in foot and ankle surgery have helped me understand and isolate many common foot problems. Several of my foot products also include powerful 2200 gauss medical-grade magnets that reduce inflammation and pain in the arch or ball of the foot. Dr. Roth's Footcare Products™ will help you be proactive in your treatment. However, some problems are severe enough that it may be necessary for you to see your local podiatrist for additional care.
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